Fundraising - Ecosilk Bags


Ecosilk bags are a nice fit for fundraising – they are colourful, attractive, well made and practical – especially now with the supermarkets intention of phasing out single use plastic bags on 1 st July 2018. Selling to schools raises awareness for children of the significant harm that plastic bags cause the environment, plus teaches the benefits of reusable packaging.

The bags are easy items to sell for parents from P&C organisations or preschools to midwives, garden club associations and more. Unlike consumables, they don’t have a use by date, and are not affected by heat or cold so are unproblematic to sell at a market stall or fete. The extensive colour range means just about everyone can find a colour to their liking.

Ecosilk pricing policy for fundraising is a commitment to wholehearted success, with not just a small percentage discount, but the same as retail outlets – full access to wholesale pricing. This means a healthy profit margin making it easier to reach the target amount for your fundraising campaign or project.

There are two ways that fundraising can be done. The first is to buy at wholesale pricing a quantity of Ecosilk bags, such as fifty, one hundred or more, and resell them at your market stall, fete or meeting at the recommended retail price or the price of your choosing. We will supply free counter top boxes, flyers and point of sale cards. You can choose your own bags or we can assist with your order, with colour recommendations of the best sellers and advice for the perfect mix. This method of fundraising works well in a market setting. Ecosilk Bags does not accept any returns, but if you have left over stock, these will be ready for your next fundraising activity – or top up orders – people almost always come back for more.

Alternatively you can ask for a free sample of one bag (more can be purchased if needed) and as many free flyers as you think you’ll need and promote the bags to potential customers, for example at a school or amongst hospital staff. Individual orders can then be collected and combined into one large order for purchase. Wholesale pricing has price breaks, so the larger the order, the cheaper the bags become as well as the freight. The advantage of this option is no left over stock; however people cannot change their mind if they want more bags or different colours.

Fundraising is for genuine customers only. To apply to use the bags for fundraising, please email here with your name and details of your intended fundraising activity. The minimum order is 20 bags, in any combination of colour and/or styles. We look forward to hearing from you – please do give us a ring if you would like to discuss anything or need any further information.